In order to meet todays challenges in the sector of water engineering, companies that provide a comprehensive service are required. For more than fifteen years CLOTHOS has been developing complex technical solutions that are applied to hidraulic infrastructure designs at international level.

CLOTHOS manages the project from start to finish through its multidisciplinary team formed of engineers, technicians, university graduates and experts in construction, carryng out projects to maximize the investment and adapting to meet the most demanding environmental requirements.

Our experts in the Water Engineering Department at CLOTHOS will help to define the best technical solution, in order to comply with complex public regulations, optimize the management of the infrastructure and plan efficiently to meet future challenges.

The scope of the Water Engineering Department includes the following: water treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants, irrigation networks, comprhensive network management, channels, leak control in mains supplies, flood studies, sewage networks, submarine wastewater diffusers, oceanographic studies, steering plans, water resource management, dams, pumping and impulsing, audits, canals, transfers, advanced hydraulic modeling, as well as geographical information systems (GIS) applied to water management

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