The desire to offer a wide range of technical services, the experience acquired in the studies and design carried out, the availability of material resources and the great skill of the technical personnel at CLOTHOS offer the opportunity to form a team of architects and specialists that meet the needs of customers in architectural work.

The design of building associated to civil works (railway stations, hydraulic installation building, industrial buildings, etc.) has allowed the team to develop in the architectural field. By applying engineering concepts and methods to this specialized area, efficient results that are subsequently employed in pure architectural designs are achieved.

Therefore, over the years, this team has been able to acquire the specialization and qualification that are necessary to carry out architectural studies, designs and both newly built and rehabilitated projects, achieving efficient, innovative and profitable results.

The activity of CLOTHOS in the field is completed and complemented by the project supervision and management services, whether they are designed by the team itself or by other external offices.

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