CLOTHOS carries out urban infrastructure projects, from the planning stage to the construction design stage, including the optimization of the service networks and the configuration of the road system.

To this end, a high degree of coordination and specialization of the various disciplines that intervene in the design is required, as well aas maximum care in integration with the infrastructure in the surroundings.

Sector of work:

Urban development planning:

-          -  Partial plans

-          - Special plans

-          -  Detailed studies

-          - Catalogues of protected assets and spaces

Basic and construction projects:

-          - Residential urbanization

-          - Industrial estates

-          - Urban remodeling and rehabilitation

-          - Urbanization of railway facilities

-          - Urbanization of natural environments

-          - Parks and gardens

Site management, control and supervision:

-          - General Urbanization and connection of services.

-          - Rehabilitation of industrial estates

-          - Remodeling of urban areas


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