Progress in reflected in better infrastructure and CLOTHOS desighns the future.


CLOTHOS contributes towards the development of road communications by placing its experience at the customer’s disposal. The experts at CLOTHOS work hard to seek the global optimum solution, applying the most modern technologies in the layout, which materialize as careful, long-lasting designs.

CLOTHOS carries out its work at the level of definition that is required by the customer. The coomitment of the team and their close collaboration contribute towards attaining the most profitable result.

The team is able to approach each of the stages in defining an infrastructure of this kind, from the drawing up of preliminary studies and reports to constructive definition for direct application on site. The tasks of control and supervision of construction are also integrated and executed with the highest levels of efficiency.


Recent development has given priority to high-speed railway transport and CLOTHOS is active in this endeavour. A dedicated team of professionals in this sector, accompanied by the best specialist in communications and installations, is the best way to meet the challenge of railway design.

From the smallest detail to the most general order of magnitude, there is a wide range of possibilities in which the main areas of activity by CLOTHOS in the railway sector are carried out.

Conventional layouts are carried out with problem solving and reliability in mind and is extended through more specific tasks such as the definition of stations, shunting yards, platforms and surroundings, the design of the superstructure and its facilities, work to correct and renew the traks and the elimination of level crossings.

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