Nowadays, the adanced state of the art and communications allow technical services in engineering and architecture to be provided without spatial or geographical barriers.

Following this line, CLOTHOS conceives its activity in a global context in which the administrative borders are just another detail in how the service is conceived and managed.

Consequently, both the company policy and the will of the management are oriented towards a clear international commitment.

CLOTHOS was founded and grew in the early stages by working and developing its activity in the geographical context of the whole of Spanish territory, both islands and peninsula. It has references throughout Iberia covering more than 90% of state territory including the Canary and Balearic islads.

For many years this global focus and commitment have been confirmed by the award of our first international contracts.

Nowadays CLOTHOS reflects this universal profile thanks to the experience acquired in these contracts and its physical presence in several Latin American countries.

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Headquarters +34.915.715.959