Since the 1980´s Spain has embarked on a cycle of expansion and growth that is based, among other aspects, on the development of new infrastructure and on the modernization and extension of existing infrastucture.

In this context of expansion, in which priority is given to road trasport, there has been major growth and progress in the sector of engineering and consultancy in Spain.

The demand for engineering services has increased considerably and the ministerial technical services have needed specialized equipment and technological resources to match the incipient evolution in the IT sector.

Given the urgency of the investments and the political need to meet deadlines, this growing demand is partly transferred to private enterprise, which is also starting to request the same technical services.

Within this scenario and given the great demand that has arisen, CLOTHOS was founded with the aim of covering part of this demand for services and providing technical support for the organizations that require them.

From the outset, it was perceived and understood that unlike previously those that request technical assistance today seek efficiency, agility and problem solving.
The customer, either a public administration or a private enterprise, now demands external support that will guarantee optimun investment and strict compliance with deadlines and costs.

In order to respond to this specific demand CLOTHOS has always proposed a philosophy that supported by specialized, responsible human team, conceives the activity of engineering as a service that is based on customer satisfaction.
Therefore, over the course of the years, CLOTHOS has evolved, developed and prospered in a balanced manner, sustained by fostering and defending its philosophy and by achieving customer loyalty.

Nowadays, the technical services offered by CLOTHOS span almost all of the specialities that are demanded in the field of civil engineering, architecture and the enviornment. Whilst the workspace has become wider and more global the same standards and conduct have been maintained.

The latter has occurred in response to the requirements of our customers and to the concept of providing service.

The human team, formed by expert technicians, competent specialists and motivated auxiliary personnel who are all used to working as a team and are guided by a well-defined and well-structured corporate policy, guarantee commitment, responsability and problem solving, both in terms of results and of customer support.

The specific aim of CLOTHOS is to provide QUALITY through customer satisfaction and to pusue excellence by means of ongoing innovation and adaptation of the service that is required.

CLOTHOS offers its CUSTOMER problem solving, personalized support and commitment to increase the profitability of its investment and promote its development, in the conviction that it is to our benefit when the customer is successful!

Headquarters +34.915.715.959